It’s no coincidence that we are so moved by stories about quests. The search—for love, for forgiveness, for meaning—is an essential aspect of our humanity. In Ricerca (Italian for “search”), a man scours his memories for something lost, traversing a lush world rendered with a vibrant mix of 2D and stop-motion animation. Originally presented as a large-scale video installation, the reimagined piece employs virtual reality to extend its life beyond the gallery space, raising a compelling question: what will the relationship be between VR and the world of fine art?
— Matt Bolish, Film Society Lincoln Center

"Initially, the VR was meant to be a proof of concept to lure a gallery or museum, but the piece completely stands on its own and is one of the best examples of how innovative artists can harness the potential VR to tell stories in physical space."

"Lin ported the piece into VR with the intent to see how her artwork could exist in the virtual space. Instead of being in a room with other gallery patrons, one goes on their own meditative journey in solitude."

"Lin and Cherry are now looking to take Ricerca all over the world. They hope the virtual reality demonstration at SXSW will generate enough excitement that people will want to have it set up elsewhere."


"The collective is making a lasting impression with their work in the newest art technologies."