The Old House

experiential vr commerical

Can real memories exist in virtual reality?
How can existing art live in a new medium?
What can we explore by entering uninhabited locations? 

When we were approached by HTC to tell a story using Google Tilt Brush,  it was hard to contain our excitement. We were just sent a developer's kit from Valve and had been playing Tilt Brush nonstop already– what better way to break in a new application than with some good old storytelling?

Our Art Director Yo-Yo pitched a few ideas and there was one that really seemed to stick– a deeply personal story about her relationship with her father and The Old House. 

Using Tilt Brush, Yo-Yo used 3D brushstrokes to recreate the environment as she remembered from visiting Taiwan, and then attempted to recreate her father's childhood memory of the same place through old photographs and her father's stories.

In creating these environments in 3D space from her father's childhood, Yo-Yo effectively recreates a memory of a place she never had.  Gaining a new understanding of who her father was growing up in The Old House,  she begins to reconcile the inevitable gaps of her American born Taiwanese heritage in ways she never thought possible.